Over the years, our experts and professionals have accumulated a wealth of experience, from managing airports to consulting overseas projects in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Republic of Sudan, UAE, Cyprus and Lebanon. AVIATION MINDS continues in building its track record and in developing new opportunities in the air transport field.

  • Republic of Lebanon

    Impact of Liberal Air Transport Policy on Travel Demand in Lebanon (2012)


    The study investigates the consequences of the adoption of a liberal air transport policy on the Lebanese aviation market. The analysis compares changes in market structure and performance on routes which have been liberalised. The findings show that where liberalisation has been followed by significant entry there has been a reduction in relative prices and a relative increase in service frequencies; patterns of entry are associated with demand characteristics on different routes. The study also analyses passenger traffic volumes, competition, published fares, airport income, direct employment and the performance of the MEA-Lebanon’s national carrier.

    Update to the Civil Aviation Strategy for Lebanon (2010)


    The latest strategic diagnosis to the Lebanese Civil Aviation was undertaken in the year 2000. However since that time, several changes and unforeseen events have taken place locally and internationally which made the traffic projections and other recommendations outdated. For this and other considerations, an updated strategy for the Civil Aviation of Lebanon has become a must to allow the air transport industry to prosper and to sustain growth amidst the huge emerging challenges - technological, technical, economic, regulatory, financial, human, legal and environmental.

    The study proposed a strategy for future aviation planning to ensure high growth of passengers and cargo and enhancement of aviation safety and security. It also aims to evaluate the impacts and consequences of the implemented liberalization process, the organizational structure of the civil aviation regulator adopted in the law 481 of year 2002 and provide traffic projections (Passengers and Freight) which will be used for future planning, expansion programs and investment decisions.

    Quleaat Rene Mouawad Airport Feasibility Study (2010)


    AVIATION MINDS was contracted by Texxon Investment (a company of Al Falah Holding) to conduct a feasibility study for Quleaat Development Project that was approved by the Lebanese Ministry of Transport in 1998 and involves Rene Mouawad Airport and a Free Trade Zone in Northern Lebanon. 

  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    OA Transformation and Restructuring Plan (2013)


    AVIATION MINDS was assigned to form a transformation business plan for OA Aviation. This included joint implementation planning of more than 10 projects for company offices in four countries. AVIATION MINDS has also led the Program Management Office (PMO).

    Medinah Airport Management and Efficiency Development Project (2013) Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


    AVIATION MINDS partnered with TAV Airports to deliver a project for Madinah International Airport which included a performance efficiency study, personnel development, instructor-led classroom training, on-job-training, corrective action planning. This project was delivered within the framework of AMED program: Airport Management and Efficiency Development initiative.

  • Republic of Sudan

    Sudan Civil Aviation Administration Development Plan and Oversight (2011 - 2013)


    AVIATION MINDS was contracted to restructure the Sudan Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA) and perform oversight on the separation between airports' operation and regulatory functions. The project also included assignments directed towards the modernization of management, employment and business practices. In addition to enhancement of aviation safety and security.

    Sudan Airports Strategic and Development Plan (2010 - 2011)


    AVIATION MINDS was contracted to draft strategic development plan for Sudan's seventeen airports. Planning services included traffic forecasting, financial forecasting, technical and financial feasibility studies, capacity planning, assessment and simulation. Aviation Minds used an integrated project development approach in bringing to these infrastructure projects not only all aspects of design, construction supervision and program management, but also the financial analysis and management development capabilities to deliver affordable, functional facilities, well suited to Sudan's macro-environment.