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Welcome to AVIATION MINDS, the “Opportunity Developers”. We provide sound consultancy and quality project management and oversight to the aviation industry.


AVIATION MINDS caters for governments, civil aviation authorities, airports, airlines and related industries.


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Our Projects

OA Transformation and Restructuring Plan (2013)

Development of a transformation business plan forming, joint implementation planning of more than 10 projects for company offices in four countries, leading the Program Management Office.


TV appearance

MTV - Beirut Al Yawm - 02/03/2020 - نادين عيتاني

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مطار بيروت بين غياب الرؤية الإنمائية وثقافة تلزيم المشاريع

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المصير المجهول لرحلة الطيران المدني في لبنان


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